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Shallow Diving Square Bill Crankbaits. 19 Colors. 13 Fishing Scamp Squarebill Crankbait. $10.99 - $11.99 15 Colors. Bill Lewis Echo 1.75 Squarebill Crankbaits. $6.99 22 Colors. 6th Sense Cloud 9 Silent MiniMag SB Crankbait. $9.99 - $10.99 29 Colors. 6th Sense Crush Flat 75X Crankbait. $8.99 - $9.99 6 Colors. 6th Sense Crush Mini 25X Crankbaits. $7.99 34 Colors. 6th Sense Crush Silent. 30.03.2016 · I have heard a lot of people having success in early spring with flat sided crankbaits. What is your favorite flat sided crankbait on the market? Thanks so much for your suggestions!

23.10.2012 · The most affordable, decent flat sided crankbait that I've found is a Bandit Flat Maxx, but my favorite flat sided crank is the Spro Little John shallow and medium runners and I consider it to be pretty affordable, but it is higher than the Bandit. Flat-sided, squarebill crankbaits are one of the most popular lures in bass fishing for good reason-they consistently catch big fish, even in tough fishing conditions. Their deflections off of hard cover create erratic movements that closely mimic injured or fleeing baitfish and bass are hard-wired. Featuring flat sides and a compact shape, the Lunkerhunt Impact Flat Sided Squarebill Crankbait produces a tight wobbling action that displaces water and creates a vibration similar to a fleeing baitfish, which fish can’t resist. Every pro has them and knows that at any time or any place, flat-sided balsa crankbaits can prove effective," says Bill. Introducing the ima Shaker Now that we've gotten you interested to try balsa baits, you need to know that the ima Shaker is an improvement upon and replacement for a certain kind of balsa bait - the flat-sided crankbait. 31.05.2012 · Yep. Flat sided cranks can produce, especially in the spring and fall. Do you think the flat sided cranks went deeper than the KVDs? That could be the reason the bass hit the flats and not the 1.5's. Wish you guys would have thrown a deeper running square bill to note if the bass would hit it at a deeper depth. Great report. Keep them coming.

When a round-sided crankbait hits cover, it tends to roll over and doesn’t deflect off that cover nearly as well as a square-billed crankbait does. The square-billed crankbait has a tighter wobble than most round crankbaits and therefore gives off a different type of vibration. The Flat Banger has a more aggressive, wider wobble than most other flat-sided crankbaits while still being subtler than a standard square bill. Ideal for cool water, pressured fish, and whenever you want a square bill with a switched-up look. Available in a series of sick color options, the Googan Squad Flat Banger will help you bring them in. Buy the Lucky Craft Square Bill Crankbait and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. 09.02.2011 · I'm a shallow water fisherman; I love flipping and pitching, tossing spinnerbaits and shallow diving crankbaits. There are a lot of square billed cranks on the market and there are two more coming out very soon I'm interested in IMA Square Bill and the new Bandit Square Bill. Koppers Flat Sided Square Bill Crank Lure, 2-3/8-Inch, Bluegill Metallic.

Buy the Strike King KVD 1.5 Flat Side and more quality Fishing, Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. CP Baits Flat Sided Crankbaits By Wired2Fish Editors • May 3, 2010 Pop-R legend and perennial powerhouse on the FLW Tour and American Fishing Series circuits, Craig Powers is taking some time away from professional fishing to focus on his other passion – bait building.

  1. Besides the square-billed crankbait, another lure that some fishermen may not be aware of its uses is a flat-sided crankbait. The flat-sided crankbait is really one of my favorite lures to use in stained stained water. Instead of having a round side like most crankbaits do, the sides of a flat-sided crankbait are as described – flat. The flat.
  2. Flat-sided square-bills are also good choices for chilly water. A challenge when fishing any crankbait and most baits with exposed hooks is remaining snag-free when fishing around cover. An experienced angler who is familiar with crankbaits is proficient at feeling what his bait is hitting and working the bait through the obstruction with his rod and his retrieve.
  3. Shallow Diving Flat Sided Crankbaits. 29 Colors. 6th Sense Crush Flat 75X Crankbait. $8.99 - $9.99 8 Colors. Sale. Bagley Flat Balsa B Squarebill Crankbait. $6.29 8 Colors. CP Custom Baits Crankbait. $13.99 9 Colors. New. Googan Squad Flat Banger Squarebill Crankbait. $7.99 9 Colors. Greenfish Tackle G Flat Crankbait. $19.99 - $21.89 4 Colors. New. Lucky Craft KJ Flat Silent Crankbaits. $18.
  1. A flat- or thin-sided crankbait that generates a tight wiggle tricks more bass in clear-water conditions. The crankbait’s shape dictates how you should present the lure to prespawn bass. Since wide wobbling crankbaits best imitate crawfish, you should crank your plug down to the bottom to deflect it off the rocks. Retrieving a thin-sided.
  2. He selects flat crankbaits in shad hues for clear water situations; and chartreuse/black, chartreuse/brown or firetiger for stained water.Flat-sides produce best for Bolton along pre-spawn staging areas in creeks or at the mouths of bays. His favorite targets for cranking include 45 degree banks and points or flats close to channel swings. He also likes to run the Flat A through the tops of hydrilla beds. "The lure's tight.
  3. With all that being said, I have compiled a list of the 5 best square bill crankbaits that you should try. Each one of these baits have been tried and true, without sponsorship or other contracts that would make my opinions biased. Simply put, these square bills flat out work, and each bait has a unique features that shine in their own way.
  4. In the spring, look for shallow weed flats and rocky banks where bass will stage before the spawn. Burn a squarebill across the top or down the edge of the cover to get the most bites. Burn a squarebill across the top or down the edge of the cover to get the most bites.

Fritts prefers the deflection of a square-bill during hot or cold periods in shallow water. But in his opinion, a round-bill is easier to keep free of hangups, and it's his main option. Flat side vs. round side The jury is still out on the best applications for flat and round crankbaits.. 03.07.2011 · Hey guys, Quick question here. I was at my local Gander Mountain the other day and noticed they had a sale on their Bomber Shallow A crankbaits so I picked up a Shallow A square. Docs Tip For using Flat Sided Crankbaits: For me, flat sided cranks have been effective on the flats, where they do a good job of deflecting off rocks, stumps and other structure. I usually choose a lure with foiled sides to take full advantage of the extra flash created by flat sides. Medium Diving Square Bill Crankbaits. 3 Colors. 6th Sense Cloud 9 Magnum Squarebill Crankbait. $9.99 3 Colors. 6th Sense Cloud 9 Silent Magnum SB Crankbait. $9.99 19 Colors. 6th Sense Movement L7 Squarebill Crankbait. $8.99 11 Colors. Baker Lures Suspending Squarebill Crankbait. $7.99 16 Colors. Bandit Lures Flat Maxx Crankbaits. $6.79 12 Colors. Black Label Cliff Pace CBS Balsa Crankbait. FLAT SIDED SQUARE BILL. The Kraken Flat Sided Square Bill has a tight wobble and displaces water like a fleeing baitfish. It excels in clear water situations, in current, and when working around cover. The Kraken Flat Sided Square Bill has a compact shape that was designed for high hook up percentages.

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Producing best for Dean Rojas were unnamed flat side and square bill crankbaits. He fished those on Duckett 360 Casting Reels spooled with 14- and 16-pound Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon. Completing the cranking package was a 7' 3" medium/heavy action. This flat-sided, shad-shaped lure has a unique, thin balancing rod shaft running along the length of its belly. The shaft helps the lure to roll widely, flashing its flat sides. The rolling flat sides create a lot of water displacement and agitation. When it is twitched or jerked, the lure darts and flashes, and there is a residual pendulum. 28.08.2018 · Well, with Fall fast approaching it will soon be flat side crank time and i was just wondering what is the best bang for your buck flat side crank? I dont really want to spend $10 per lure but I also dont want to buy a cheap lure and have to turn around and upgrade all the split rings and hooks w. New 1.5 Square bill crankbait. New 1.5 Square bill beefier bill, heavier line ties and hook hangers. Bait is 2.5 inches long from back hook hanger to tip of bill. 5mm eyes fit perfect in the eye sockets. Baits has 5 internal rattles and a smooth body similar to a strike king 1.5.

01.01.2014 · Howdy, Fellow Members, I want to learn how to make my own balsa Flat sided crankbaits. I wanting to know what equipment is needed to make 1/2 wide flat sided balsa baits. Not for commercial sale. Just for my self. I notice that the spotted bass where I fish like the flat sided baits. Ive been pur. Bill Lowen with a nice bass on a shallow square bill crank from PH Custom Lures / Jason Sealock Balsa baits are natural inconsistent hunters. Crankbaits designed for that side-to-side "hunting" action seem to trigger aggressive strikes in shallow water. Balsa baits elevate that truth, often to standout levels.

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